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Computer software training services in Halesworth

Are you looking for professional training programs to learn how to use your computer and software? Get in touch with the experts at Pagoda Systems Computers for expert computer training

Do not hesitate to let us know what you are looking for from our training sessions. We will work with you closely and make sure your expectations are met.

Our services include:

♦ Technical support

♦ In house training

♦ On call training

♦ Computer support

♦ On-site support (Prices on request - but dearer than bringing the computer to us)

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Computers built to your specification

Our team of expert technicians can build and set up a custom-made PC for business, gaming, music or to suit your specific requirements.


Already bought the parts?

Have you purchased parts elsewhere, but don't feel confident to build the PC or install the parts? Don't worry, our technicians can fit the parts to your PC or even build the complete system for you.

Click Here to read about a build for a customer that we have enjoyed doing to give you an idea of what is possible.


If you need a hardware modification or an upgrade

If you need hardware installed into your PC, look no further than Pagoda Systems Computers. Get in touch with us for IT support services in Halesworth.